Set-Up Instructions for Outlook 2000

Step #1:  Open Microsoft Outlook 2000 and choose "Tools" from the menu bar.

Step #2:  Choose "Accounts" and when the "Internet Accounts" manager window appears, click on the "Mail" tab.

Step #3:  Click on the "Add" button and then on "Mail". The Internet Connection Wizard will walk you through the setup process.

Step #4:  First, it will ask for a display name. Type in your name as you would if you were typing a letter to a friend.  Once you have entered your display name click “Next”.  Normally your mail has these headers:


Choosing a display name of "John Doe" will result in these headers on your outgoing mail:

from: John Doe <>

Step #5:  Next you are asked for your server information. Your incoming mail server is and your outgoing mail server is  Enter both of these and then click “Next”.

Step #6:  Click on "Finish" and then on "Close".  Now to retrieve your mail, in the Outlook 2000 window, choose "Tools" from the menu bar.  Then select "Send and Receive".

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