Linux RedHat PPP Dialer Configuration

Step #1:  To configure PPP in RedHat, first open your Start bar and select the folder named “Internet”.

Step #2:  Once inside the folder click on the program named “Dialup Configuration Tool”.

Step #3:  After you open Dialup Configuration Tool, you will see the Internet Connections window.  Click the “Add” button.

Step #4 You will now see a window named “Add New Internet Connection”.  Click the “Next” button to proceed.

Step #5:  A new screen will appear named Phone Number and Name.  For Account name enter Cybergap.  In the Phone number box, enter the telephone number that you want to dial-in to. Please select a number from our Coverage Area Page.. REMEMBER TO PICK A TOWN, WHICH IS A LOCAL CALL FOR YOU AS WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LONG DISTANCE CHARGES!  Then click “Next”.

Step #6:  Next, you will see the User name and password window.  Enter your username and then your password.  Remember they are case sensitive.  Then click “Next”.

Step #7:  A new screen named Other options will appear.  Leave the default setting as Normal ISP and click the “Next” button.

Step #8:  A new screen will appear named Create the account.  Click the “Finish” button to create the account.

Step #9:  Click on your “Start” button and go to the folder named Internet.  Select the program named Dialup Configuration Tool.  This will then open up the Internet Connections window.  The Internet Connections window should have the account that you created present.  Click on the “Edit” button to edit this account.  The Edit Internet Connection window will appear. 

Step #10: Your dial-up connection is now configured correctly.  Open your Start bar and go to the folder named Internet.  Select the program named RH PPP Dialer.  This will initialize the PPP dialer, which will connect you to cybergap.

Please be aware we do not offer technical support for this operating system
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