cybergap Setup Instructions for MacOS 8.5+ (iMac)

Step #1: Pull down Apple Menu to "Internet Access" (Internet Setup Assistant).

Step #2: At the question "Would you like to setup your computer to use the Internet?" answer YES.

Step #3: At the question "Do you already have an Internet account?" answer YES.

Step #4: You are now at page 1 of the Internet Setup Assistant, click right arrow to page 2.

Step #5: On page 2 you will be asked to name your Internet account, name it Cybergap and say you are connecting by modem. Go to page 3.

Step #6: On page 3 select your modem type (iMac 56k) and modem port, tone or pulse dialing, "Ignore dialtone" box should be left blank. Go to page 4.

Step #7: Type in the local phone number for your area.  Please select a number from our Coverage Area Page. Typing your User ID (all lower case) in the first area, and your password in the third box. Go to page 5.

Step #8: Select "No" for connect script question and go to page 6.

Step #9: Select "No" for IP address for this configuration and go to page 7.

Step #10: In the large box type in the primary & secondary DNS entry:

In the small box type in the Domain Name which is Go to page 8.

Step #11: Type in your e-mail address ( in the first box, then type in your password in the second box, leave the third box as is and go to page 9.

Step #12: In the top box type in your pop account ( In the second box type for the e-mail host. Got to page 10. 

Step #13: Check "No" for proxy servers. Go to page 12

Step #15: Please read this page carefully (take notes if necessary), it will explain how to connect to the Internet on a daily basis after your account is established. When you click "Go Ahead" your modem will dial and connect to our server (unless you unselect that option).


Copying in part or whole without the express written permission of Cybergap is strictly prohibited.