Setup instructions for Palm Pilot
Step #1:  Click "Applications", choose "Prefs".

Step #2:  Pull-down "Network".

Step #3:  Fill in a service name such as "".

Step #4:  Fill in your username and password.

Step #5:  Enter your local phone number.  Please select a number from our Coverage Area Page. REMEMBER TO PICK A TOWN, WHICH IS A LOCAL CALL FOR YOU AS WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LONG DISTANCE CHARGES!

Step #6:  Click "Details".

Step #7:  Set Connection type to "PPP", Idle timeout to "Power Off".

Step #8:  Set the DNS numbers:

Step #9:  Pull down "Modem".  Set up your modem.  See your manual for more information.

Please be aware we do not offer technical support for your Palm Pilot
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